Harnessing the power of risk capital to drive climate action

We are Re2

Re2 is a climate risk platform. We seek to create a climate resilient future and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy by bringing to market innovative risk transfer and climate finance products.

Our solutions support efforts to build climate resilience, promote sustainability and decarbonize the world’s energy supply.

We originate, structure, and manage portfolios of financial and risk products that enable investment capital and risk capacity to provide meaningful support for green infrastructure and climate adaptation.

Our commitment: deliver target risk-adjusted returns and measurable environmental and social impact – Return on Impact.

The scale and pace of investment required to achieve net zero targets and adapt to climate change presents an enormous opportunity for risk transfer and risk financing

Opportunity in Risk

Absent immediate and determined action, the planet is on a trajectory to realize a greater than 1.5⁰ Celsius average temperature increase by 2050.

An increasingly volatile climate is already our reality. More frequent and severe weather events as well as the myriad effects of a shifting climate are straining physical and social resilience and undermining economic stability.

We see a growing and unmet demand for innovative risk management solutions that will enable financing for the green economy, enhance resilience and support more sustainable practices.

We break down barriers between financial and insurance market approaches to help solve our greatest collective challenge

Our approach
to Climate Risk

We are building the world’s first dedicated platform for marshalling diverse sources of risk capital to drive climate action, efficiently deploying risk capacity and investment capital to decarbonize the world’s energy supply and address climate resilience priorities.

We are problem solvers, bringing authoritative and diverse expertise developed over decades across the markets we address

Leadership Team

Our founding team has been at the vanguard of developing and executing decarbonization & climate risk transfer and financing products across multiple sectors and geographies.

Richard Oduntan

Ariane West

Dan Stilwell

Our values

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